Ritz Theatre

For more than 50 years, the Ritz Theatre on 263 West Central Avenue provided entertainment and a sense of community for residents of Winter Haven and surrounding areas.

After being shuttered up for more than 25 years, in 2011 the Theatre began providing the setting for business meetings, children’s programming, special live performances, civic events, private parties, contests and pageants, religious meetings and school-related activities.

The vision for the Ritz Theatre is that it will be the focal point for a wide variety of community activities and will provide much-needed rental space.

As you walk on Central Avenue you might hear the walls reverberate with the joyful sounds of songs and laughter, perhaps some tears or even shouts of joy from an event taking place within its walls.

Once again, The Ritz Theatre is a center of community cultural and social activities for the citizens of the Region.

Welcome to the​Ritz Theatre